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A look at candidate endorsements – Public Safety

I think that a good way to gauge how a candidate will perform in any aspect of their job is to look at whom the real stakeholders in the community are backing. I’ve been looking at the endorsements each candidate for Oakland Mayor has received, and I found the results quite striking. (Lists of endorsements are from their websites – Ron Dellums, Nancy Nadel, Ignacio De La Fuente

**As I was writing this, I realized that it was getting insanely long, so I’m going to break this down into a series of posts focusing on specific areas of concern**

Crime and Public Safety
Neither Ron Dellums nor Nancy Nadel has received even one endorsement from groups or people involved with public safety. Ignacio De La Fuente, one the other hand, has (as of this writing) been endorsed by the chair and members of the Community Policing Advisory Board, Charlie Plummer, the Alameda County Sheriff, our former Police Chief, Richard Word, the Oakland Police Officers Association, our local chapter of the International Association of Firefighters, both co-chairs of Safety First, Safety First itself, and the leaders eight of Oakland’s Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils.

In a moment where crime and public safety are receiving quite a bit of media attention, I think that it’s important to look at the opinions of people who are intimately involved, on a day-to-day basis, with making our streets safer. All three candidates support community policing, but who are we to believe is going to make it actually happen and work to the benefit of our community? I can sit around all day long talking about how I support Ignacio De La Fuente’s plans to increase the size of the police force, but when it comes down to it, few people actually care about my opinion. Similarly, Ron Dellums and Nancy Nadel can give speeches about how more police won’t solve our crime problems, but I see no reason why I should believe them. When I look at the support of these community leaders, I am reassured that I am right, that Ignacio De La Fuente will be the one to make me safer walking home from work at night.

Stay tuned for reflections on endorsements involving business, labor, education, neighborhood groups, and other elected officials.

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  1. deckin says

    Excellent work; There’s also Sandre Swanson, who’s running for assembly, and, in an interesting twist, is Ron Dellums’ former staffer (along with Barbara Lee) who is also endorsing De La Fuente. He’s endorsed by both De La Fuente and Don Perata, and it seems that John Russo, Swanson’s opponent, has a good deal of support from those in the Dellums camp. That should go some ways to putting the ‘racial politics’ nonsense to bed.

    PS–I don’t think I can make the Luka’s thing, but I’ll be there in spirit and my De La Fuente sign is up and will be seen by the many who pass by it everyday.