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A look at candidate endorsements – Neighborhood and Community Leaders

I think that a good way to gauge how a candidate will perform in any aspect of their job is to look at whom the real stakeholders in the community are backing. I’ve been looking at the endorsements each candidate has received, and I found the results quite striking. (Lists of endorsements are from their websites – Ron Dellums, Nancy Nadel, Ignacio De La Fuente

**As I was writing this, I realized that it was getting insanely long, so I’m going to break this down into a series of posts focusing on specific areas of concern. See previous posts for my reflections on endorsements involving education, public safety, business, and labor**

Neighborhood Leaders

This one will be short. Ignacio De La Fuente has a slew of endorsements from neighborhood and community leaders – presidents of community planning councils, neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, ministers, and the like. You can go to Ignacio De La Fuente’s endorsement page and read them yourself. Ron Dellums and Nancy Nadel, as usual, have none.

The community endorsement I particularly want to highlight is that of both co-founders of Bordertown Skate Park. These are two young people who took action and provided something healthy for the community – a place for young people to spend time and engage in activities that aren’t tied to the criminality or drugs that plague so many of our neighborhoods. When Caltrans tried to demolish the park, Ignacio De La Fuente stood up for them to help save it.

In Oakland, we have many dedicated and caring people who work hard to make our community better. These people have been here for years and have seen firsthand that Ignacio De La Fuente has been around to help them and offer his support. In turn, they are offering him their support in hopes that our next Mayor will be someone who has a proven track record of helping our citizens in their efforts to make Oakland a better place to live.

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