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Friday news roundup

Jane Brunner doesn’t mind holding up Trader Joe’s in an effort to get them to unionize.

Sandre Swanson says that returning school-board control of the OUSD is “the number one priority for my community.” He lives in Alameda. In Montclair and Grand Lake, the number one priority seems to be crime prevention.

J. Douglas Allen-Taylor offers his weekly defense of Dellums, while the Montclarion runs its weekly letter criticizing Dellums.

Upcoming: the Blue Ribbon Commission moves into the decision-making phase of their deliberations. The Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee will hear a report from the commission next Tuesday; it will be the second time this year the Council has discussed Inclusionary Zoning.

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6 Responses

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  1. Tab says

    In the JDAT article, I especially like his case that, because Dellums didn’t actually advocate any policies during the campaign, it’s therefore not fair to judge his performance until after two years have elapsed.

  2. dto510 says

    It’s just a continuation of Dellums’ feeble campaign promise to tackle fundamental problems, which I and others attacked as a clear signal that he didn’t plan to do anything. As V-Smoothe explains at Great Expectations, even the handful of examples of Dellum’s doing anything were actually not his own initiatives.

  3. scott park says

    Watch out, dto510: your blog posts are becoming a series of cynical complaints. Sanjiv has done that for years, and will probably do it better. Don’t make this blog just reading off your Shit List a couple of times a week. I liked it better when you reason out constructive solutions.

    Oakland doesn’t have perfect politics! Film at 11!

  4. dto510 says

    It can be frustrating to write about the city with a “less is more” perspective on government. I don’t think that I’m taking Mr. Handa’s “everyone is corrupt and everything is wrong” position; rather I want to highlight some new items and put them in context. I look forward to more constructive discussions when the topic allows.

  5. jason says

    I’m not sure why you post Jane Brunner is willing to hold up Trader Joe’s over the union, it was the Planning Commission, not the City Council that held up the permit. Brunner may or may not support a union at Trader Joe’s, but she yet to vote on their entitlements, it was the Planning Commission that held them up over the union issue.

  6. dto510 says

    I said she didn’t mind the two-week delay, not that she caused it. From the article:

    Jane Brunner (North Oakland) said Thursday that, despite the kerfuffle, she expected Trader Joe’s would open the College Avenue store as planned. However, she thought it would be a good idea if store representatives had a conversation with the union before the issue returns to the Planning Commission in two weeks.

    Pretty stark contrast to Pat Kernighan’s strong opposition to a delayed permit, which she managed to avoid.