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YBMB sympathizers to march on empty City Hall

Black Uhuru / African People’s Socialist Party, a black nationalist group which recently hosted a forum on economic development featuring Councilmember Pat Kernighan, plans a march on City Hall today. Calling increased police presence “military occupation of African neighborhoods in Oakland,” the group plans to hold a press conference before the City Council meeting. Of course, the council is on recess and there is no meeting today. Read their paranoid and obscurantist essay on IndyBay.

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  1. Deckin says

    The comments to that drivel on IndyBay are better than the piece itself. Apparently good old fashioned Shining Path Maoist Stalinism isn’t as popular in the blogosphere as some may think it. How does three African American mayors in the last thirty years fit into the ‘war on blacks’ in Oakland? Oh yea, stupid, they were pawns for the FBI!

  2. rickwired says

    African Neighborhoods. Oh, brother.

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