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Ignacio unveils comprehensive safety plan

Today, the mainstream press wrote about Dellums dithering over his staff (Wednesday, Sanjiv Handa reminded the Ethics Commission that Dellums has been in office for 240+ days without making a single recommendation for increasing “transparency”). Recent hire Chief of Staff David Chai told the Trib the administration would present their first policy ideas “very soon.” As the homicide total nears 100, Oakland does not have time to wait. Fortunately, one city leader has real recommendations for addressing public safety.

In his September District Five newsletter (so far only available by email), City Council President Ignacio de la Fuente today at 4:30 announced a long-term, comprehensive public safety plan. It has three points:

1. Adding more community police on the streets by shifting sworn officers away from desk jobs, and setting-aside 10% of the redevelopment tax increment for public safety officers (and looking for more creative hiring bonuses). This is a sustainable source of tax revenue that will grow faster than the General Fund. It is similar to other set-asides, such as the primary source of local low- and moderate-income housing funds (25%) and the 10% OUSD pass-through.

2. “Install GPS capabilities in every police and city vehicle” to more efficiently manage the city’s fleet, saving time and fuel. He touts the benefits to public safety in neighborhoods and during times of natural disasters.

3. Aggressively promote economic development! He talks about the importance of jobs to providing for families and keeping kids off the street, and points to many trendy industries. But fundamentally, he advocates for an open, welcoming approach to business and development.

We must stop fear of economic growth in its tracks and instead welcome growth and development as a powerful tool to improve the quality of life for all Oaklanders. We stand at the cross roads; now is the time to act boldly and courageously. I ask the business community to stay committed to Oakland, and to continue to believe! This will be the ultimate path to winning peace on our streets. With a balanced approach to governance, accountability and policy making that values the role of private innovation, capital and partnerships, Oakland will be a strong vibrant, safe, and livable city.

I couldn’t have written it better myself! With Mayor Dellums asleep at the wheel, Ignacio is tackling the real issues by providing real solutions. Let’s see how his agenda is received by the administration and the rest of the Council.

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  1. rickwired says

    I wish Iggy Foo was our Mayor & not Uncle Remus.

  2. dto510 says

    You and me both. But instead of letting Dellums twist in the wind, Ignacio is using his position as City Council President to present policies that are long-term and sustainable. Dellums’ efforts to get state grants and to reform the police department complement Ignacio’s legislative approach.

  3. rickwired says

    I am curious to see how the recent housecleaning at the Mayor’s office shakes out. I am glad to see it happen. i wouold think that Ron Dellums would not want to have a lame stint as mayor of Oakland be the final paragraph on his obituary.

    Up until now, Ron Dellums has given me exactly what I expected from him.

  4. W.C. Varones says

    Iggy goes bananas!

  5. dto510 says

    I don’t know what to think about the allegations of police misconduct involving his son. Politically this is bad, but I have to appreciate Ignacio’s position as a father. Matier & Ross’s conclusion, pointing out that the OPOA endorsed Ignacio, wasn’t really an argument against his allegations: the City Council removed the top brass from OPOA over their objections.

    I of course would rather be talking about Temescal zoning.

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