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No mayor, no budget

Just when you though Mayor Dellums couldn’t get any worse, here comes this Thursday’s special budget meeting (PDF). Normally, the mayor submits a budget to be modified by the City Council. Last year, Mayor Dellums’ budget was released to much fanfare, accompanied by (handy) glossy brochures. This year, however, as the city enters a budget deficit, Mayor Dellums has failed to even submit a budget proposal (PDF) for the decidedly unsexy mid-year adjustment.

I try not to be part of the Dellums-bashing crowd (anymore), but this is just shocking. He’s been carefully creating the impression that he’s actually around, by suppressing his travel schedule and flying in and out of town for visible meetings. But to abandon the budget is simply beyond the pale.

In related news, the Chronicle notes today that the same group who recruited Dellums also recruited Mario Juarez to run for City Council against Ignacio de la Fuente. Good job, guys!

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