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Pandering politicians

Some choice examples of pandering from Oakland City Council candidates:

Rebecca Kaplan begs Daily Kos readers to elect her outright on June 3rd so that she can spend the next five months campaigning for Obama instead of herself:

Please help me, help us!  If I win on June 3rd, I will be well positioned to be able to spend the rest of my time between June and November helping to make sure that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States.  (If no city council candidate receives 50% + 1 vote in June, then the top two run-off in November).

Mario Juarez has a fundraiser at a downtown “coffee shop.”

Mario Juarez has promised to open at least 10 MMJ outlets in Oakland and wants to implement more fully the Oakland Cannabis regulation and revenue ordinance (65% of vote). If you want more clubs in Oakland, this is your chance to make it happen. Suggested minimum donation of $20. 

Sean Sullivan is promising new dog parks and a West Oakland grocery store if elected. For some reason that feels different.

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8 Responses

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  1. oakie says

    Jane Brunner, in her latest mailer, promises to be tough on crime and hire more cops! Wow. That’s after spending the last 12 years telling us we don’t need cops, voting for reducing the number of cops, closing the jail, etc. So, not only is she demonstrating her willingness to say anything to get elected, but she betrays those who had supported her past vision.

  2. James Ryan says

    I saw this on District Five


  3. dto510 says

    The CBS5 segment is incredibly one-sided, to the point of really crossing the line (Scandal! People are removing Juarez signs from their own property!). Of course, now everybody knows that Mario Juarez is accused of sexual harassment and identity theft, so that’s probably very bad for him.

  4. josh abrams says

    this is funny – if she hadn’t been working for nader/against gore in 2000 we wouldn’t have had 8 years of Bush. Kaplan’s judgment is… lacking…

  5. ScottPark says

    And then there’s the fact that there were months between when Obama came to town and when Kaplan changed her registration (two weeks before the AC Dems endorsement meeting). Nonetheless, riding on the coattails of Obamamania in Oakland is probably pretty good political strategy.

  6. James Ryan says

    Sanjiv is at it again.


  7. Flaca Gatcha says

    Now all you Mario Supporters you ought to be ashamed of yourselves this man is a straight up con artist,crook women beater and child beater and last but not least You supporters almost let him Steal all your money. Dellums and Desley why didn’t you pick one of your own you wanted Ignacio out of office so bad and here you have 2 African Americans also running but i hear you they aren’t as stupid as Mario Juarez was falling for your Protection remember what don’t come out in the wash will come out in the RINSE and Mario when this is over you will be hung out to dry and not here in Oakland Bro you need to go where there is a lot of Sun cause your $#!% is real wet.

  8. Sidon says

    Sidon says : I absolutely agree with this !