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De la Fuente, Kernighan call for Edgerly's ouster; did it happen?

Supporters of Ignacio de la Fuente and Pat Kernighan received emails in the last 18 hours calling for City Administrator Deborah Edgerly to be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The councilmembers both note that the Council has no authority over the administrator, and say that they feel they have to tell the public of their concerns because the mayor is not listening. Both proposed legislation to address some of the issues raised by the Edgerly affair. Ignacio wrote:

I plan to introduce legislation to prevent some of the recently alleged abuses of our hiring processes from ever happening again.

As many of you know, for the past fifteen years I have continuously worked to reform Oakland City Hall into a responsible and accountable government that is responsive to you. I have fought for good hiring practices that give us the best and most qualified employees. I have fought for technology such as GPS, management systems, and policies that ensure sure your tax dollars are used efficiently and quality services are provided. I have fought for this bureaucracy to recognize the incredible liabilities we’re creating for future generations through generous employee benefits. I will continue to fight these extremely challenging battles and I hope you will continue to fight alongside me.

Pat Kernighan wrote:

Moving forward, the City Council must act to ensure that there are mechanisms in place that help prevent abuses of power by City officials, and that promptly expose any abuses that do occur. To that end, I am proposing several immediate measures:–That the Council pass a Whistleblower Ordinance so that employees do not fear retribution for reporting misconduct and fraud. ( I co-sponsored this with Auditor Ruby yesterday.)

–That the Council fully fund the City Auditor’s Office so that the Auditor has adequate personnel to conduct prompt and thorough investigations.

–That City government’s hiring and discipline practices be audited to uncover any family favoritism or other abuses that may be occurring.

Meanwhile, Zennie Abraham at OaklandFocus reports a rumor that Ms. Edgerly has already been placed on leave. I am unable to confirm this.

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  1. barnswallow says

    I am glad that Iggy Fu & Pat K are in there. Jesus, dellums is such a wretched joke of a putz.