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Dellums dithers, City Hall in chaos UPDATED

UPDATE: Mayor Dellums will make an announcement at 3pm today at City Hall, Hearing Room 4.

My sources at City Hall confirm the Trib’s report that Deborah Edgerly is performing her normal duties. Mayor Dellums has informally rescinded his (allegedly charter-violating) memo and instructed the “cabinet” of city department heads to resume reporting to Ms. Edgerly.

Despite allegations of “interference” with a police gang investigation involving her now-arrested nephew (a city employee who handled public money), Oakland’s 5000 employees are apparently to attempt to go about their duties while receiving conflicting accounts of who is in charge. This episode is only providing further ammunition to Dellums critics who call him indecisive and ineffective. With important public hearings on the docket today, City Councilmembers will have to issue instructions to staff without knowing who will carry them out.

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4 Responses

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  1. Deckin says

    What a joke! First off, by definition, if the city administrator shows up at the scene of an arrest and does anything other than stay out of the way or assist officers in the lawful execution of their duty, she is actively impeding and obstructing justice. That’s not so difficult to understand. Mayor DoNothing has showed himself to absolutely devoid of testicles (maybe too much working out has that effect on the elderly). I know lots of people with good sense (V Smoothe, in particular) think that recall talk is counterproductive, but if the mayor can’t excise this cancer in our city, if he can’t deal decisively with downright criminality in his administration, what remedy would be productive? Must we turn into Detroit or Chicago before people in this city will wake up?

  2. barnswallow says

    Aye yi yi. I thought Ron Dellums was going to be pretty damned ineffective. I guess all that blow he did really messed up the inside of his melon. N o wonder city employees wanted him to win so much.

  3. bingo says

    Let’s impeach Dellums and vote Humpty Hump for mayor with Too $hort as his right hand man! Ya feel me?

  4. jay zee says

    yes! Shock G for mayor of oakland. Dellums is such a disappointment it’s not even funny.