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Dellums does nothing, Edgerly to choose own replacement

As everyone now knows, Mayor Ron Dellums’ press conference yesterday featured a non-announcement: that City Administrator Deborah Edgerly had already submitted her resignation effective July 31st. The mayor clarified that publicizing the resignation is “not a reaction” to the fact that Ms. Edgerly is under investigation for interfering a police investigation, or even worse, alerting her nephew (who continues in his city job handling public money) to his tapped phone line. Neither Dellums nor Ms. Edgerly took questions despite reporters’ shouts about the criminal investigation. Mayor Dellums by his own admission has not taken any action in response to news of the investigation, after saying this to KTVU last week:

“We’re aware of the allegations. We take them very seriously. They’re very serious allegations, and as we speak, we’re looking into them,” said Mayor Dellums. When asked if Edgerly still had her job, the mayor replied “That is to be determined.”

Ms. Edgerly revealed that she wrote a Request For Proposal to executive search firms for her replacement. She made herself available to stay on after July 31st to ease the transition, though “there are some cruises” she wants to take. Her resignation letter, whose “integrity” Mayor Dellums “agreed to maintain,” discussed a “90 – 120 day employment period” to ensure a “seamless transition.”

The City Administrator runs the entire city, including the police department (though the chief will now report directly to Mayor Dellums). The City Council is mandated by the charter to go through her if they want to do anything. The administrator “shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor,” meaning that he can fire her without cause but the City Council cannot even with cause. Alongside writing ordinances and spending money, the City Council’s authority rests in ordering the Administrator (or the department heads that report to her) to implement motions. The administrator and department heads are then in turn dependent on lower-level bureaucrats to perform the work.

It is therefore integral to the functioning of Oakland’s government that the City Administrator have the full confidence of her 5000-person staff and all elected officials. Deborah Edgerly does not, and Dellums has done a terrible job communicating the situation with city employees. The Council should be frustrated, and the public should question whether the Mayor values their faith and confidence in local government. Not only did he decline to remove Ms. Edgerly from office, but he is allowing her to guide the search for her replacement. Ms. Edgerly issued RFPs for a search team Monday Friday, she said, though she did not instruct the assembled press and onlookers how to find the documents.

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  1. oakie says

    Let’s try some reality, shall we? Miss E is alleged to have tipped off, through her nephew, one of the most violent gangs in town. Her nephew, btw, is alleged to be a member of that gang AND a city employee (one of about a dozen relatives of Miss E made employees-including a daughter who failed 4 times the entrance requirement of the PD, with rewritten rules forced by–who would have guessed, Miss E).

    Miss E makes $254,000 (last year she gave herself $60,000 for doing such a bang up job), and she will be allowed to continue long enough to enlarge her annual pension to $149,000, in spite of an FBI investigation of some alleged criminal behavior (in addition to the Acorn gang arrest interference). According to KTVU she is also negotiating with Mayor Sleepy a severance package.

    Your tax dollars at work. And now they want us to tax ourselves even more with a “son of Measure Y” on the November ballot?