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Dellums places Edgerly on leave; Lindheim acting administrator

From Mayor Dellums at 1:24 today.

Dear Ms. Edgerly, 

Effective immediately, I am placing you on administrative leave with pay until July 31, 2008, the date on which you are retiring from your position as City Administrator. 


Ronald V. Dellums

The mayor also said that he has been trying to reach Ms. Edgerly without success since yesterday evening.

Mayor Dellums named CED chief Dan Lindheim interim administrator.

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  1. Max Allstadt says

    So wait, then who’s CED chief?

  2. V Smoothe says

    I was told “Dan Lindheim has relinquished the bulk of his authority in CEDA to Eric Angstadt and Gregory Hunter and they will report to him while he serves as Acting CA.”

  3. GilbertTucker says

    I used to work for the City and know the structural problems well in terms of nepotism and the like. I don’t know Lindheim, but in terms of the report he didn’t turn in, I have total sympathy. The way the report writing structure is laid out, each report has to go through about 5 layers of review AFTER it leaves your department. The Finance People need to see it for a week to clear it for financial impacts, the City Attorney’s office almost always has to see it for a few days, then the City Administrators office wants to see it for at least a week before DE signs it and THEN it needs to go to printing, which takes a few days and then the packet needs to go out two weeks before the hearing date. So, this means a report needs to be totally done by the staff member at least six to eight weeks before the meeting. I say Bravo to Lindheim for taking the heat about the report, rather than let whatever minion who had to write it twist in the wind, which is what usually happens. If you want a thoughtful report, complete with analysis and graphs, etc., it takes more than a day r two to complete. Often Council wants a report in a time frame physically impossible to produce because it would have required submission to the various levels of review weeks before — and no department head speaks up at Rules committee.

  4. Chris Kidd says

    I really hope that Angstadt can stick as head of CEDA. He seems a lot easier to talk to and reason with than a lot of others in city hall that I’ve dealth with. He also seems interested in, uh, getting stuff done, which is a plus.

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