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Edgerly out?

Rumors are flying fast and furious around City Hall this evening that there is a major personnel shakeup in the works. A new Trib article hints at the probable target: City Administrator Deborah Edgerly. If she is demoted or retires, the standard practice would be to perform a nationwide search for Oakland’s chief executive. Ms. Edgerly is not the product of such a search, but was promoted from within the city bureaucracy (she was budget director).

Mayor Dellums has not commented publicly on the city administrator but is widely believed to want to install his own boss. Dellums’ biggest hire so far was to promote his economic advisor Dan Lindheim to director of the Community and Economic Development Agency: Mr. Lindheim has certainly made his mark on CEDA’s mission statement.

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  1. Charlie says

    Actually, months ago Dellums was rumored to have asked Edgerly to leave the office, she refused, and he backed down! See

  2. Chris Kidd says

    What did CEDA’s mission statement look like before Lindheim got his hands on it?

  3. dto510 says

    CK, the Google cache version is from January 31st and is the same though with the former agency heads (Cappio and Angstadt). Maybe it was always this socialist (though city employees I shared this with were surprised by it), or maybe Lindheim changed it in 2007 before he took over the agency.

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