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Edgerly’s statement

This afternoon, City Administrator Deborah Edgerly released a statement after three days of media reports on her actions related to the Acorn gang crackdown and speculation about her future. The statement follows:

The rumors and press stories this week are shocking. Shocking because they are untrue and unfounded. Shocking because the safety of West Oakland, my lifetime home, and the safety of all Oakland residents, is what I devote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in my service as City Administrator to protect. Shocking because I am being tried in the court of public opinion by rumor, innuendo and
presumption of guilt.

There is obviously much more to this story than can be revealed at this time or in this setting, given that an investigation is now underway. I welcome this investigation and am cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities so that the truth will emerge. I am confident that when it does, you will see a very different picture.

What I can say is this: I have not been fired or asked to resign. I have had many gracious and warm conversations with Mayor Dellums over the past three days, as recently as this afternoon. No ultimatums were issued and no decisions have been made. The Mayor has given me several days to assess the situation and we will regroup next week.

I have lived in Oakland my entire life and dedicated myself to serving it with pride— faithfully and honorably— for more than 20 years. I will not allow these allegations to define my fine career of service to this city that I love.

Of course, Ms. Edgerly is right that she’s “being tried in the court of public opinion by rumor, innuendo and presumption of guilt.” But notice the statement never says she’s going to continue serving as City Administrator.

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  1. oakie says

    Was she SHOCKED that her nephew had a gun in his car, or that he was holding conversations with the leader of the Acorn gang? Shocked, indeed.

  2. LakeshoreDweller says

    Maybe she was shocked that the media got a hold of this story before she could bury it in the police internal affairs complaint she purportedly threatened to make. Or maybe she was shocked about being held to the same standard she put to the police. I wonder if she would have responded the same way if her daughter had been hired as a police officer (after four academies) and was the one who towed the car?

  3. rlrobinson says

    When William Lovan, nephew of Deborah Edgerly and
    purported member of the Acorn gang, made bail to get
    out of jail and return to his city job in Oakland’s
    parking meter department, is it true the bail was
    all in quarters?

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