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Update: Edgerly Out

Last night, more than two hours after my blog was posted, KTVU reported on City Administrator Deborah Edgerly’s alleged interference with a police investigation. The anchor strongly implied that Ms. Edgerly would lose her position based on a brief statement from Dellums, and notes that she was not in her office yesterday.

Also, over at The OakBook V Smoothe reports that Dellums is indeed going to propose a special parcel tax for police staffing.

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2 Responses

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  1. Solomon Kaiser says

    Well, well, well, Ms. Edgerley, I see crime and deception run in the family. You’re on the books for abusing your position and doing some financial shadiness. And now your little nephew is involved in some drug shit, with a gun, contributing as a City employee to our City’s ills and perpetuating some sort of B.S. on the streets of West Oakland. Again, another sister in authority who is just in it for the position, the Lexus, and the money! She’s a disgrace to the Oakland community and historical legacy of activism. I hope you she sees a jail cell! It’s enough of you shady, so-called “Black leaders” taking up space with your own agenda. You don’t represent the truth and political activism Oakland is known for. No wonder nothing gets done in here (streets need repavement, only 3 gardeners for all the parks in Oakland, get rid of the geese who poop on beautiful Lake Merritt, the Port pays for nothing; the State continues to fiscally strip Oakland schools)!

  2. barnswallow says

    Well, I have to say, hats off to Lavon, because I have never encountered a broken parking meter here in Oakland.