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Edgerly finally fired UPDATED

The City Council was notified shortly before 5pm that Mayor Dellums is taking steps to permanently remove Deborah Edgerly from her post as City Administrator, likely a reaction to yesterday’s letter in which she said she was not on leave and will take back her resignation. She also raised a charter issue regarding the mayor’s authority to choose her replacement during the “temporary absence” of the administrator. Under the City Charter, the City Administrator “shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor.” Deborah Edgerly has clearly displeased him.

This action was probably necessary before the Council meeting to avoid any confusion over who should sit at the dais - as of this morning, there were three possibilities.

UPDATE at 7:45 – I obtained a copy of Mayor Dellums’ letter. He politely notified the City Councilmembers of Ms. Edgerly’s dismissal, and wrote to Ms. Edgerly, “I have elected to terminate you, effective immediately.” She was asked to contact the mayor’s assistant about returning city property.

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5 Responses

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  1. TheBoss says

    You’re going too easy on Dellums here. His reaction to this situation has been preposterous. The man is a straw man.

  2. dto510 says

    I’m just reporting the facts as soon as I get them.

  3. Ernie says

    Ask about the firing of former city controller Larae Brown and possible missing funds in the (gasp) hundreds of millions. Probably horrible bookkeeping and misallocation, not theft, and under Deborah’s watch.

    I agree you should have gotten the coliseum job, and the fat cats and hogs were at the trough then, when the Raiders looked like a great deal, not the debacle they turned out to be ( I was one of TWO Oaklanders who spoke against the deal the night the council voted).

    You got screwed. Robert Bobb, a black male, was the best city manager we ever had. I wish he was still here. I would love to see Shannon Reeves run for Mayor, another black man.

    Deborah Edgerly is a black woman. That has nothing to do with anything. She was a terrible city manager and her corrupt hiring practices of relatives were odious. Race and sex are not the issues here.

  4. Etotzican says

    I think that some Oaklanders, including myself, expected this mess the moment Dellums got elected. His dicrete and non-engaging practice as mayor was foretold by Dellums himself. He did mention it on his campaign for mayor that he was not going to engage in a “direct leadership style” as previous mayors have done so, rather his reliability on others to do the work for him was the context. Oakland has so much potential to lift itself to become world first class metropolitan city enriched in history,diversity and yet the current leadership is on “holiday”.

  5. jman says

    The elephant in the room [OAK] is race why nobody admits it is beyond me, Ernie. The fact is Dellums was elected on race and certainly not qualifications. Etotz is right, Dellums said what he would be like and OAK voted him in- racially motivated. Of course race colors everything, how about Your Black Muslim Bakery story. Of course it was racial. What i cannot figure out is why Oaklanders are so stupid. Here we’ve had a terrible mayor and an ineffective city council yet the mayor’s campaign spelled out exactly how full of inaction and crap he would be and you voted him in. To prove it is racial can you imagine a white guy saying I’ve been a lobbyist for Rolls Royce and Lockheed for the past 20 years, I want to examine the problems, vote for me. Now you’ve voted in the same louses that got you to this point! What dopes. OK so it’s not the only thing and you’re all not stupid. 1st Dellums was running against De La Fuente so which evil do you choose? 2nd this recent election (the June election) shows how hard it is to defeat an incumbent it’s not only stupididty, stupid. But why on earth in a place we don’t even have to shed a drop of blood to elect our reps do we basically have 1 debate and have such poor voter turnout. Read a chip Johnson story and see how many comments are attached to it, people care.

    What OAK needs is to dismantle city gov’t one unit at a time and shine the light on it and keep what works and what we can afford.