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Surfing in the heat, Friday edition

Once again, the heat is unbearable, and the Interweb is cool. Links for this holiday Friday follow.

Nationally-focused but Oakland-based blogger Impetuous Young Whippersnapper tells you “how (to) know your elected officials are incompetent.” Hint: it has something to do with handling crime.

Jesse Douglas Allen Taylor of the Berkeley Weekly Planet suggests Mayor Dellums convene a task force to get a handle on crime (it’s at the very end of his 1666-word column).

The OakBook reports that Estaban Sabar Gallery, the first high-end art gallery in Uptown, is closing so that Mr. Sabar and his husband, painter Marty McCorkle, can escape to tropics to focus on making art instead of running a business. Mr. Sabar promises to come back, but First Friday will never be same.

The Alameda Sun reports on a community meeting about the Naval Base redevelopment. Both proposals presented would require repealing Measure A, which limits housing density on The Island to duplexes (!). What’s in it for Oakland, you ask? Well, having jettisoned the ski lift to BART proposal from years ago, developer SunCal wants to build a Personal Rapid Transit system, also advocated by one of the leading proposals for the Oakland Army Base reuse. The Sun brings up several problems with this “monorail,” besides that, you know, there isn’t a single successful example of this technology in the entire world.

CBS5′s Eye on Blogs take a break from vacation to post a hilarious error from

Opinion-Maker In Chief Chip Johnson indulges in the “royal we” while being the first to report that Mayor Dellums is actually, officially, formally, admittedly, on indefinite vacation.

Ballot arguments have been filed for local propositions. Call the City Clerk and ask for them if you don’t want to wait a month. Four local ballot questions impact Oakland. OUSD’s school tax, opposed by both anti-tax types as well as the teachers’ union (because it dares to share the proceeds with fast-growing charter schools), is Measure N. In Berkeley, a proposal that would complicate the regional Bus Rapid Transit plan centered in downtown Oakland is Measure KK. Back in Oakland, the police parcel tax is Measure NN, and Kids First 2 is Measure OO. What do NN and OO spell, when presented vertically as on the ballot?



Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Max Allstadt says

    A task force! Brilliant, JDAT! After 1666 words he concludes that what we need is more talk.