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End the week with links: Endorsement edition

For your Friday afternoon and even weekend perusing pleasure, here are a selection of endorsement blogs to help you make up your mind on November’s vote. I will provide my own endorsements next week, in two parts: state and local.

A veritable slew of blogs endorsing Rebecca Kaplan for City Council indicate that the front-runner is continuing her dominance of the race.

Berkeley’s Measure KK is drawing notice from Oaklanders as well as Berkeleyans (I am a part of the No campaign and wrote an op-ed in last week’s Berkeley Planet urging a No vote). Jeff Hobson and Becks provide the environmental and pro-transit perspective, while Westlake resident CityDweller points out that North Oaklanders will end up being underserved if Berkeley nixes BRT even just on its end. Proving that I will never, ever agree with the Green Party on anything, they declined to oppose Measure KK.

Measure OO is getting an unanimous NO vote from bloggers and newspapers alike, though the Guardian is an outlier. There’s a lively discussion on the listservs, but pundits agree that it’s simply too expensive (particularly after the Council’s painful budget vote on Tuesday). NN’s reception is more mixed, but Oaklanders are clearly in an anti-tax mood, including opposing Measure N, a tax for teachers’ pay that’s opposed by the teachers’ union.

Environmentalists are split on Prop 1A, calling it either a boondoggle or such a good idea that its terrible route can be overlooked. Joyce Roy is getting no support from bloggers (just the Green Party) in her quest to unseat Chris Peeples (I endorsed him). AC Transit’s tax measure seems to be broadly supported but all the anti-Van Hool rhetoric over the last year may hurt it.

This weekend is one of the last chances to make a difference before Nov. 4. So get down to the United Democratic Campaign at 1915 Broadway, or the HQ of your favorite candidate, or give some money to the No on 8 campaign which badly needs it!

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