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Mixtape for Councilmember-elect Kaplan

This evening, as one of many downtown events, Councilmember-elect Rebecca Kaplan is hosting a victory party and fundraiser at her campaign HQ. Though I unfortunately can’t attend the celebration due to a longstanding civic commitment, I am giving Ms. Kaplan a mix CD of Oakland-made songs that address some of our city’s pressing challenges. If the reader would like to make his own mix, here’s the track list.

  1. Trite Life, Damon and the Heathens (food insecurity)
  2. Cab Fare, The Hieroglyphics (transportation)
  3. My Lovin’ You’re Never Gonna Get It, En Vogue (domestic violence)
  4. Oakland / San Francisco, Make Me (transportation)
  5. Set Me Free, The Lovemakers (housing shortage)
  6. Money In Tha Ghetto, Too $hort (underground economy)
  7. Heck No I Won’t Listen to Techno, Maldroid (cultural segregation)
  8. Ride My Bike, Triangle (transportation)
  9. Ghetto Manifesto, The Coup (poverty)

Bonus track: Alameda County Line, Red Meat (gentrification)

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  1. themacinator says

    this is so awesome, and i want one too :)

  2. V Smoothe says

    Okay, this mix is awesome. I have been listening to it nonstop. Also, using Set Me Free to illustrate the housing shortage made me laugh out loud.

    Nice bonus track, BTW.

  3. dto510 says

    Thank you both for the kind comments! There will be some copies at Rebecca’s party tonight – printing the labels is not turning out as well as I’d hoped, but oh well.

  4. gwen says

    where’s my copy?

  5. dto510 says

    It’s at the karaoke bar!

  6. David Sasaki says

    Damn, I missed the party. Any chance we can get an mp3 version?

  7. dto510 says

    David, I changed the links to the bands’ MySpace pages. Between MySpace’s purchase service and iTunes, you can download every track (except Cab Fare). The CD will turn up in some more places, I’ll let everyone know.

  8. Crimson says


    I would also recommend “The Wacky World of Rapid Transit” by Del tha Funkee Homosapien. (AC Transit)

  9. Ben says

    Rebecca Kaplan is the man!

  10. R Kaplan says

    Thanks so much for the music mix! I love it – and, we did play it at the Party.

    One more song to suggest for folks, from a local band called “Carne Cruda” (which gave me permission to use a clip from their song in my TV ad), it’s called “Oakland’s Tight”!

    Thanks very much!

    Also, the swearing-in ceremony to begin my term on the City Council will take place Monday morning January 5th, 2009. Most likely in the City Council chambers, but still waiting for confirmation on that.

  11. motoproponent says

    Great mix, however how could it be lacking The Phenomenauts, who profess Oakland to be “Earth’s Capital”

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