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Discussing citywide rezoning

Tomorrow the City of Oakland will hold a “community meeting” on the citywide zoning update, which recently passed its Council-approved deadline to complete its work (it is nowhere near done). At North Oakland’s Peralta Elementary School (460 63rd St, entrance is on Alcatraz Ave) from 10a to noon, city planners will present their work and solicit input. Urbanists for a Livable Temescal – Rockridge Area (ULTRA) are asking supporters of Smart Growth to attend the meeting, support urban-scale building heights, and ask for mixed-use development of the Pleasant Valley Safeway. If you can’t attend tomorrow’s meeting, there’s another on Thursday Nov 12 at the Fruitvale Senior Center, in the Fruitvale Transit Village (3301 E. 12th St, Ste 201 on the 2nd Floor), from 6p to 8p.

City staff are presenting this important, and hopefully long-term, planning policy during an uncertain climate. Though many development projects are on hold, others are in progress, and downtown is seeing an uptick in retail businesses. Inclusionary Zoning, a controversial policy that has been a touchstone in Oakland’s development politics for a decade, is in legal limbo after a Los Angeles developer successfully challenged an affordability mandate as a violation of Costa-Hawkins, the state law that banned vacancy control and restricted rent control to pre-1980 buildings. With the State Supreme Court declining to hear an appeal of what is being called the Palmer decision, it seems like a major potential barrier to new development is no longer an option.

On Monday, the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board will be discussing the citywide rezoning as well, but within their subject area. If you’re interested in how rezoning may impact historic preservation, check out the agenda and the staff report. There are three opportunities to attend meetings about rezoning, so a student of Oakland’s future has no excuse but to attend!

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  1. Daniel Schulman (das88) says

    I am planning on attending Saturday’s event if I don’t have too much First Friday fun.

    dto510 — Thanks for the LPAB shoutout! For those interested but not wanting to come downtown on Monday night, you can watch the Landmark proceedings on KTOP. Please remember, though, that the camera adds 20 pounds.

  2. Chris Kidd says

    The zoning update meeting was pretty fun. My personal highlight was when a member of STAND accused Eric Angstadt of committing assault on all the community members that showed up because he wasn’t willing to let the meeting devolve into a soapbox for STAND talking points.

    God, I love Oakland.